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ArwingPilot114 has started a donation pool!
455 / 4,000
All points donated to me will go to the :iconrealisticpokemon2: club for prize incentives for contest participants!!! :)

I'll do small commissions for points too.

1-5: 1 sketch of choice
6-20: 2 sketches of choice
21-50: 1 colored sketch request
51-80: 2 colored sketch requests
81-100: 1 colored request + 2 sketches of choice.

Nothing much, but it'll give me something to do. ^^;

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United States
My biggest love goes to Transformers. This series has taught me so many life lessons, given me thousands of times of laughter and joy, and well... it's gotten me through some very dark times of my life. Optimus is a character I look up to and strive to be. Peter Cullen, if you ever read this page, I thank you so much for giving life to this hero. There are hundreds of favorites I could list from the comics to the movies but I'll just generalize by saying I LOVE THEM ALL. :heart: Although, I do have to say (every)Ratchet, Nightbeat, G1 Wheeljack, Megatron, BW Dinobot, Movie Hound, G1 Devcon, G1 Bluestreak, Soundwave, Skyfire, Razorclaw, Armada Starscream, Armada Scavenger, Prime Breakdown, Prime Dreadwing, Dreamwave Fallen, and IDW Cyclonus are some of my favorites I have to name off! Hypocrite I know. XD

I don't know which one of the tv series are my favorite, but I will have to say it's a tie between: G1, TFPrime, Animated, and Beast Wars.

The comics are really hard to choose from since they are all so great and delve into some amazing myths and lore, and just expand more on so many characters from all the series!
Dreamwave, IDW, and Marvel UK/US FTW!!! :D

Transformers Armada and Beast Wars got me started into the series, and the long-since-extinct Dreamwave comics (more specifically War Within arc) solidified my adoration for sentient, adaptable mechanoids. As much as many fans dislike the movies, I really enjoy watching them all!
The very first action figure I received was an Alternators Wheeljack. I still have him, and he's the most special thing I possess. It was a gift from one of my good friends from my home state I had to leave behind in a hurry one day. He reminds me of the very few happy moments from my time in Michigan, and it's mother effing WHEELJACK! :D He will always bring a smile to my face, as he is one of my favorite Autobots of all time!

I hope to one day be able to give back to all the voice actors, writers, musicians, artists, and producers that have allowed this awesometastic saga to continue! :hug: You all are my heroes! :wave:

Thanks to some unfortunate circumstances, I will not be able to attend college for at least another 2 years. I will have to pay for it all by myself since my family, well... let's just say they don't support me and leave it at that. I really want to enter either the video game industry and work on designing video games, or pursue something with my art skills! Video games have also kept me sane over the years in hand with Transformers.
I also want to make it out to some of the Transformers Cons out there, like BotCon, TFCon, and AutoAssembly (that will be a HUGE trek for me).
If none of that works out, and for some miracle I have a ton of money to spend, I'd like to resume my training in becoming a pilot. I'd rather work with cargo than commercial though. Flying has been a huge part of my life and I was/am incredibly heart-broken I had to give it up because of more unfortunate circumstances. :(
  • Listening to: Chiptunes
  • Playing: Splatoon
I might leave this site for good sometime before the end of this year. I just can't find it in me to draw anymore. I am too depressed to do anything other than play video games on my days off from work. I'm really sorry to those I've made friends with on here. I really did like this website, but with me falling into this sinkhole of my own doing, I can't find the energy to maintain anything substantial anymore.

I can barely function and as much as I want to draw,  I find no satisfaction or joy in it anymore, and my drive to get improve or pursue a career related to it is dead at the moment. I realized how not creative I was, meaning how difficult it is for me to draw something that isn't from a game/show/movie/etc and something I created on my own. I just suck at it, and I hate it. What is the point at being creative if I can't create something new? I had this problem with music too. I can read and transcribe music all day, but trying to create a new tune/ or improvise was always damn near impossible for me to do.

Things are pretty crappy in my head right now, and I don't know how to make these thoughts of how worthless I am, and my works are to go away. My life has been so broken for so long, I feel like I've given up on trying to do anything other than make it to my day off (only to just stare at walls and maybe play games for a little bit). I really don't have anything left to give. I've spent so much time trying to improve, only to find disappointment and failure greet me again, and again. I haven't done anything I want to do, because I'm now incapable of doing it because I just don't care anymore. I've been thinking about going on a leave of absence from work so I can get some time to sort out my stuff, but I don't think I'll do anything anyways. So I don't know. I hate this. I wish I could be flying or making video games or something, but I'm not, and I don't have the drive to do anything I want to do anymore.

I always believed there are winners and losers in our society simply because of how our society works,  and I'm now sure I'm not going to do anything of value ever again. So what's the point of trying anymore.





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It's ok dude. I gotta make the changes and steps to better myself. Thanks for the offer tho :)
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