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The stuff I make


Cable and Baby Deadpool by 1314 Cable and Baby Deadpool :icon1314:1314 27 0 Darthrevan by 1314 Darthrevan :icon1314:1314 24 2 Docking Bay 93 by 1314 Docking Bay 93 :icon1314:1314 8 0 Beauty and the Beast by 1314 Beauty and the Beast :icon1314:1314 17 4 Chapter 12, page 5 by Canalus Chapter 12, page 5 :iconcanalus:Canalus 5 5 Autobot Jazz  Colors by BDixonarts Autobot Jazz Colors :iconbdixonarts:BDixonarts 74 21
Quick update! Please read, thanks!
EDIT: Hi, me again! Just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and all that, just not working on much art related stuff right now.
Thanks again for all your kind comments, I really appreciate your support. 
The biggest problem is, I still haven't made a sketch for page 3 of the current Ghooost comic. I normally draw silly Ghooost comics to cheer myself up, but now I can't bring myself to do it, it feels more like work than a fun distraction. And I know that's maybe a bummer for some of you guys, having to wait for the next page is never fun, but I hope you understand. Ideas for Ghooost comics are impossible to force, they just... appear when they appear.
The next page is still coming, but not as soon as you might have hoped, and I apologize for that. Next time I'll have to plan these 'Ghooost bombs' better, I just didn't want to postpone this one any longer. It's those big pages that take up most of my time.
Speaking of waiting, that Samurai Jack finale is
:iconmarkproductions:MarkProductions 10 107
things maybe looking up
I'm starting a new job soon and things in my life feel like they might get better over time, at least I hope so. ^^; With that I hope to be able to be more active here and make art more often. Eventually I'll get to save for a new high end art tablet and all sorts of good art mediums. 
Course, that's between me going back to school to finally earn my wings. If all goes well, I aim to solo and nab my private pilot's license by the end of the summer so I'll be slightly ahead in college. It's going to be a lot of work, but it's something I really love so it's worth completely worth it. Plus, I'm imagining I'll get some crazy awesome art inspo when I get into some open country flying :D
:iconautobotchari:autobotchari 2 4
Update: Manga 'My Musical Story' Pg.22!
Here's the next page (pg.22) of my manga, "My Musical Story"!
I was busy yesterday so I didn't get around to uploading it >_<;;
New page every Wednesday and Sunday!
You can get a twitter notified when my comic is uploaded too!!
Read from the beginning?
:iconakirasartworld:AkirasArtWorld 1 5
Tuxedo Pearl by AkirasArtWorld Tuxedo Pearl :iconakirasartworld:AkirasArtWorld 25 2
Get your hopes up
I have been goddamn busy, guys, and what time I've had for art lately has been taken up by something that requires a lot less intense emotional focus than this comic. I plan to put it online at some point and in some form--possibly on a different DA account since I only want sequential comic pages on this one. It's a pair of handwritten books done in calligraphy (because I'm insane) as companions to the D&D game I'm in right now: my wizard's spellbook and her journal account of the campaign as well as her backstory. They've got like illustrations and stuff and are pretty cool if you're into that sort of thing, and I got the privilege of having them signed by all of Acquisitions Incorporated as well as Chris Perkins at PAX South.
Apart from that I've been DJing for 106.7 The Eagle (Waco's Classic Rock!) and ring announcing for Heart of Texas Wrestling. And still working at Starbucks because the benefits are just too good.
And I heard a song on my show that I hadn't ever heard before by
:iconsaberinblue:SABERinBLUE 2 12
Ziggy Stardust - Wizard Palooza ref by Zeurel Ziggy Stardust - Wizard Palooza ref :iconzeurel:Zeurel 425 58 Chapter 12, page 3 by Canalus Chapter 12, page 3 :iconcanalus:Canalus 2 1 Battle Cuts - LordCanti4 (Commission) by Dragonith Battle Cuts - LordCanti4 (Commission) :icondragonith:Dragonith 204 13 Vampire Hunter Double D by EnvySkort Vampire Hunter Double D :iconenvyskort:EnvySkort 50 10 Tsk by RandoWis Tsk :iconrandowis:RandoWis 552 42




ArwingPilot114 has started a donation pool!
455 / 4,000
All points donated to me will go to the :iconrealisticpokemon2: club for prize incentives for contest participants!!! :)

I'll do small commissions for points too.

1-5: 1 sketch of choice
6-20: 2 sketches of choice
21-50: 1 colored sketch request
51-80: 2 colored sketch requests
81-100: 1 colored request + 2 sketches of choice.

Nothing much, but it'll give me something to do. ^^;

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United States
My biggest love goes to Transformers. This series has taught me so many life lessons, given me thousands of times of laughter and joy, and well... it's gotten me through some very dark times of my life. Optimus is a character I look up to and strive to be. Peter Cullen, if you ever read this page, I thank you so much for giving life to this hero. There are hundreds of favorites I could list from the comics to the movies but I'll just generalize by saying I LOVE THEM ALL. :heart: Although, I do have to say (every)Ratchet, Nightbeat, G1 Wheeljack, Megatron, BW Dinobot, Movie Hound, G1 Devcon, G1 Bluestreak, Soundwave, Skyfire, Razorclaw, Armada Starscream, Armada Scavenger, Prime Breakdown, Prime Dreadwing, Dreamwave Fallen, and IDW Cyclonus are some of my favorites I have to name off! Hypocrite I know. XD

I don't know which one of the tv series are my favorite, but I will have to say it's a tie between: G1, TFPrime, Animated, and Beast Wars.

The comics are really hard to choose from since they are all so great and delve into some amazing myths and lore, and just expand more on so many characters from all the series!
Dreamwave, IDW, and Marvel UK/US FTW!!! :D

Transformers Armada and Beast Wars got me started into the series, and the long-since-extinct Dreamwave comics (more specifically War Within arc) solidified my adoration for sentient, adaptable mechanoids. As much as many fans dislike the movies, I really enjoy watching them all!
The very first action figure I received was an Alternators Wheeljack. I still have him, and he's the most special thing I possess. It was a gift from one of my good friends from my home state I had to leave behind in a hurry one day. He reminds me of the very few happy moments from my time in Michigan, and it's mother effing WHEELJACK! :D He will always bring a smile to my face, as he is one of my favorite Autobots of all time!

I hope to one day be able to give back to all the voice actors, writers, musicians, artists, and producers that have allowed this awesometastic saga to continue! :hug: You all are my heroes! :wave:

Thanks to some unfortunate circumstances, I will not be able to attend college for at least another 2 years. I will have to pay for it all by myself since my family, well... let's just say they don't support me and leave it at that. I really want to enter either the video game industry and work on designing video games, or pursue something with my art skills! Video games have also kept me sane over the years in hand with Transformers.
I also want to make it out to some of the Transformers Cons out there, like BotCon, TFCon, and AutoAssembly (that will be a HUGE trek for me).
If none of that works out, and for some miracle I have a ton of money to spend, I'd like to resume my training in becoming a pilot. I'd rather work with cargo than commercial though. Flying has been a huge part of my life and I was/am incredibly heart-broken I had to give it up because of more unfortunate circumstances. :(
  • Playing: Splatoon
Sorry for the inactivity. It's just been a bad year.

Today really sucked. I tabled with a friend at a local convention, and didn't sell any of my stuff. I haven't felt this defeated since I had to drop out of college 5 years ago.

I think it's a sign I should stop this stuff. I think I'm done trying to make money off my art. I clearly need to drastically improve, and the motivation to do that might have died today.

Sorry for the crybaby post, but I just feel like shit right now.

Hope you guys have a stronger will than me.



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